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Kevin Sylvester

Kevin Sylvester has written and illustrated more than thirty books for kids. Almost all of them are funny! He’s helpfully included the ranking on the Funny Meter - out of 10.

Including his latest novel is Night of the Living Zed (7/10), written with his kid, Basil. It’s the sequel to The Fabulous Zed Watson! Also co-written with his kid Basil, it was a finalists for numerous awards, including the TD and the Governor General’s.

Kevin’s also the author and illustrator of Apartment 713 (5/10), The Hockey Super-Six (11/10), the MINRs trilogy (1/10),The Neil Flambé Capers (7/10), and Mucus Mayhem (9/10).

His picture books include Gargantua (Jr.): Defender of Earth, Super-Duper Monster, GREAT and Splinters. (All of them are 6/10)

He also writes and illustrates non-fiction books.

Yeah, that’s a lot of books. He’s funny, and old.

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